Saturday, 1 September 2012

10 Days, 10 Products

So after freaking out about how many products and how much money I spend on beauty products in my "How much is your face worth?" post (see post here), I've decided to pose myself 2 different challenges.

The first one is 10 products for 10 days. I thought I'd try and streamline my routine and select products that should get me through every day for 10 days. I always wonder how I managed to get by with nothing but a mineral powder, blush, eyeshadow and mascara. But I did that for years! Let's get back to basics and see how I cope. Maybe I'll end up with more time in the morning to relax, it's one less thing to think about if I already know what makeup I'll be using.

The second challenge will be a project pan one. I'm still deciding what products to choose for that challenge, but there are a few I know I will include that I thought I could get a head start on by using them in my 10 products for the next 10 days.

Here's what I chose:

1. Base
Bobbi Brown BB Cream SPF35 in Extra Light
Choosing a base was by far the hardest thing for this challenge. Depending on the time of the month, my skin goes from oil slick to desert. I have so many different foundations and BB creams that keep me covered for whatever my skin wants to throw at me. I've had the Bobbie Brown BB cream for a couple of weeks and I find the oil control great but it isn't drying. I'm hoping this will keep me well covered (ha! nice pun) for the next 10 days. I find the coverage is good but still light. You can still see my skin through the foundation but it is fantastic at dulling redness like my numerous angry post-acne pigmentation spots. The other bonus is that it is SPF35 so at this time of year I'm comfortable in skipping the sunscreen underneath which means less layers so my skin can breath. I'd also like to get some good use out if it before I post an in-depth review.

2. Blemish concealer 
Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer in 1 (Fair)
This one was a no brainer for me although it almost wasn't meant to be. I got out of the shower yesterday to find my dog chowing down on this concealer. Luckily she'd just gone for the lid so the product itself is still sealed and good. Choosing a lighter weight base meant I had to pull out the big guns for concealer and this is my favourite.

3. Undereye concealer
Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Treatment Concealer in 10 (Fair)
This is a quick and easy concealer but it isn't really heavy duty. Considering I'm going for a lightweight foundation I feel ok easing up on the undereye concealer a bit. This is one of the products I'd like to finish up in my project pan so we'll see how we go.

4. Setting powder/contour
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium
I had a hard time trying to incorporate bronzer into 10 products so in the end I settled for MSF natural because the colour is a little dark for me if I apply more than a dusting, so I can use it to lightly powder my T-zone then use a bit more for contouring. Yay for multi-tasking.

5. Blush
NARS Blush in Luster
This is a gorgeous peachy bronze colour with shimmer. Great for completing a natural look and adding dimension. I much prefer to use a shimmery blush if I'm using a matte base.

6. Eyebrow pencil
Chanel Crayon Sourcils Sculpting Eyebrow Pencil in 10 (Blond Clair)
This eyebrow pencil is a staple for me. It matches my hair colour nicely and isn't too orange or dark like so many pencils are.

7. Eyeshadow
Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow in Birthday Suit
If I am only going to use one eyeshadow, this is it. I love the colour and it manages to brighten and define in one easy step. It's like a miracle for my eyelids.

8. Eyeliner
Dior Diorliner
I have had this automatic liquid eyeliner pen forever. I only tend to use liquid liner when I go out for special occasions. This is another one I want to knock over in project pan so let's see how I go using liquid liner every day. I really like this liner. The brush tip is so soft and flexible but holds its shape well. It's just getting old so if I don't use it I'd throw it out anyway for hygiene reasons.

9. Mascara
Revlon Grow Luscious Plumping Mascara in Blackened Brown
I really like this mascara. It is brilliant at providing volume and defining. I just don't think I'm much of a brown mascara person. I have little eyes so I like to really bring them out with lashings of black mascara. Another project pan inclusion so it doesn't go to waste.

10. Lip colour
Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Honey
Choosing a lip colour was the hardest thing behind the base. I needed something that I could use every day for every situation. I thought this would be a good pick because the mauvey pink colour goes with everything. Being a stain, it is also really easy to go from dabbing on a sheer wash of colour to layering it for a nice pop.

The 10 days face

So I picked 10 items as a nice round number, but I really don't think I could commit to less than that. Even picking just 10 products to use every day was harder than I thought it would be.

How many products do you think you could get away with? I'm so excited for this challenge!!


  1. This is a great challenge! I agree that choosing a lip colour would be the hardest part. I don't think that I could choose less than 10 either...

    1. 3 days in and I'm already spending each morning contemplating breaking my challenge to put on a different lip colour!

  2. Great challenge! I'd love to see how you do, I think you've chosen some great products there! I think the hardest part for me is to cope with just one shadow. :P

    1. I'm finding the eyeshadow thing a little tough too. Much more than I thought I would. Learning lots about my habits already :)

  3. So much here that I love... Also, how was I not following you!!? x

    1. I don't know... but I can forgive you now even though you're a little late to the party ;)

  4. very lovely make up products, I've never used benefit before though xo
    would you like to follow each other?

    Giveaway from Boticca on my blog:

  5. Great challenge! I don't know if I would be able to do this because I have so many products that I don't want to neglect i looking forward to seeing a follow up post on this!


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