Wednesday, 22 August 2012

RAVE: Michel Mercier Untangle Your Day Brush

OK so I have fine hair that's bleached a bit and it is a nasty piece of work to brush. I get out of the shower and unless I've used a conditioner that is absolutely choc full of silicones, it is going to be a B-I-T-C-H to brush. The other day I was brushing my hair and trying to get out a knot when the entire spongey middle bit with the bristles flew off across the hallway. So it was off to priceline to replace yet another brush I've destroyed trying to get it through my tangly hair.

I was looking at the brushes thinking "what's the difference, these are all just damn brushes", when out of the corner of my eye I spy these fantastic bright colours. I mosey on to the end of the aisle and am confronted by these absolutely huge, colourful brushes. Say hello to Michel Mercier's Untangle Your Day detangling brush. I grabbed the gorgeous pink one, paid for it (of course) and waltzed out the door. When I got it back to work I realised the pink colour is for fine hair, I didn't even check in my excitement at buying such a fabulous pink hair brush.. ahhhh the little things. This was fortuitous as I do have fine hair.

I used this for a week at work and could no longer go back to my ordinary brush at home so I bought another one in green - for normal hair. I actually prefer the one for normal hair as it doesn't flatten my hair like the fine hair one does a bit.

I don't know how this brush is so amazing, but it just is. It glides through my hair as if there's no knots there at all. I have literally not had a knot this doesn't get through in the first swipe. For me those tough to get through knots are usually a regular occurence. I love that the brush head is large so I could probably sufficiently brush my hair in like 4 strokes.

I have nothing but love for these brushes. No downside - apart from maybe the practicality of travelling with a brush so large. But I WILL do it!

$19.99 from Priceline

How do you deal with knotty hair?


  1. This looks amazing! I use a classic Denman brush that I've had for years and love it, but I'm intrigued by this brush.

    1. It is an amazing brush. I still use a boar's bristle denman before I go to bed at night. But nothing beats this after a shower :)

  2. I have knotty hair! I never really gave my brush much thought. I might have to pick this up soon :)

  3. This was meant for me! I just lopped off about 4 inches from my hair today because the tangles were driving me insane! Perhaps I ought to have read this before I did. :P

    Off to Priceline tomorrow, stay tuned!


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