Wednesday, 8 August 2012

ILLAMASQUA - Fight For a Fair Beauty Price

As most of you know, we pay astronomical prices for beauty products here in Australia. It's so frustrating reading blogs from countries like the US where they say a product from a department store is expensive but it's the same price as what we pay for brands like L'oreal and Revlon.

There are some brands that have brought down their prices recently as the Australian dollar has strengthened. Kiehl's is really well priced now in my opinion and Estee Lauder has just brought down prices for their double wear foundations. It would be great if this was more across the board so I would purchase more here and not be tempted to buy online.

I first heard about this Illamasqua petition through gossmakeup artist, whose video I have linked below. Basically, Illamasqua have vowed to reduce their prices in Australia if we as consumers agree to purchase locally instead of overseas. They want to use the petition to show the industry that consumers will support local sales if prices are dropped. I am cynical so I think there is lots of publicity stunt tactics going on, but I agree with what Illamasqua say so am willing to support them.

Link to petition: HERE

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